Is the hottest trend in the Hospitality Market. Our gamification allows you to interact with your potential clients and create much more engagement. 

How does it works?

We will provide you with 3D gifts embedded into your landing page and the customer will have a countdown to find it. 

Before your clients download the Boucher they need to do SHARE into their social networks. This will give you much more exposure!

You are the one that decide what to give to your clients. 

Why is 360° Gamification So Effective?

  1. Enhanced Direct Booking: With VR Gamification, potential clients stay on your website for longer periods of time, thus increasing conversion rates.
  2. New Lead Generation: Users who find gifts can be asked to fill out a form to receive the gifts, thereby increasing lead generation and enriching your potential client database.
  3. Upsell Capabilities: Establishments can use the VDroom platform to engage with their guests and offer added value (gift vouchers by the spa, for example) as they look for gifts throughout the hotel facility.

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