Getting started is free, all you need to do is register an account and follow the steps to create your own property and custom site.

Setup Fee

In many cases, you will see references to a "setup fee". The setup fee is in no way compulsory but is actually a special bundled package that we provide to assist you in getting your property online quicker and easier using our in-house designers, photographers and site builders.


Our hosting is split into 3 packages. Each property that you create is assigned to one of the below-mentioned packages. Initially, all properties are assigned the starter hosting as it is free and allows you to prepare your site before publishing.

Each site can have a different hosting plan independently and will be reflected in your billing statement.


All properties are initially on the starter hosting. This hosting is free and gives you the time to register your property and build your Virtual Reality site.

With starter hosting, you can preview your site through the editor on your desktop or use Virtual Reality glasses.

Unlike other solutions, we don't charge you any fees during your setup period (however long that may be)

To use a custom domain, you will need to be on a paid hosting package. 


For sites that get less than 12k visits/month, this is the ideal hosting package.

In order to publish your site, use a custom domain, add analytics tracking and a myriad of other live site requirements, you will need to move over to a paid package.

Once you have purchased the paid package, you will be able to assign a custom domain and expose your new Virtual Reality Website to the world.


For larger sites with a high traffic volume, we suggest going enterprise.

The Enterprise Hosting package pricing is calculated by usage amount, but also offers an unlimited amount of traffic plus unlimited storage.

Extra Services

When getting started we offer photography and site build assist services, if you require both, we also offer a special bundled package.

Other than this, we offer a number of services for each property such as SEO enabled sites, Google Analytics, Availability search and Booking Engine.
Each of these services is in addition to the basic hosting fee and will be reflected in your billing.

For information on pricing, please see our pricing page:
VDRoom Pricing

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