Before you begin this tutorial

By this stage, you should have already created a property and published your site.
If you have not yet completed these steps, please complete them and then continue with this tutorial.

  • Create a new property
  • publish my site

Please Note:
VDRoom and its support personnel are, under no circumstance, entitled to access your third-party domain account, even with your direct permission (written or otherwise)

Add your domain to your property

This process will soon be available through our extranet

Contact us through email or in-site chat and let us know the subdomain or domain that you plan on using, we will assign it to your site.

Connect A subdomain

A subdomain is created by adding a prefix to the root domain. Taking the example URL, vr-site would be the subdomain. You will most likely be familiar with the www subdomain which is used for the "world wide web". Subdomains are a useful tool in organizing your website and creating sub areas for your users to view relative content.

Connecting the subdomain:

  1. Login to the third-party domain provider
  2. Navigate to the DNS settings. This is generally in the domain management area
  3. Add a new or edit an existing CNAME record
  4. Set the CNAME record to point to
  5. Save the record (Click Save, Add record or something similar)

Next Steps:

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